lucy's lemon drizzle cake and tea

Lucy’s Lemon Drizzle Cake – when…

My friend Kathy Delgado, from Vintageweave, gives me lemons, freshly picked off her tree so... I make a second Lemon Drizzle Cake in as many days - obviously. Kathy is … keep reading

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How to make…


Glitter Pumpkins for the Holidays…

Here's an easy showstopping autumnal craft that I always make to decorate the table in early October for my birthday - it's fun for Halloween and then carries through to … keep reading

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Movie Magic

frittata title

Easy Brunch Frittata…

I would be happy eating two meals a day - brunch and tea. Brunch means a slower start to the day and an earlier lunch - plus it's an excuse to drink before noon! And tea … keep reading

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A Thousand Things


Placement – name tags for your holiday…

The holiday season is upon us - which means there will be a lot of gatherings around the table with friends old and new. One of A Thousand Things to do is host a dinner … [Read More...]

Kids Cook

Remy baking fonuts - Kitchen Aid pan

Mini-Fonuts Recipe…

We are all familiar with those children's stories where someone goes on an adventure, possibly dressed up as a dream, but then they know it was real because they bring … [Read More...]

Made in America


Thanksgiving Confit Turkey with Clam and…

Today's post is a long one - you have been warned! But then it's also the first of a series of posts taken from MADE IN AMERICA leading up to Thanksgiving. Given that … [Read More...]

Made in America - Chef Fest Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii