Provençal Chicken Skewers with an Ottolenghi

This easy and fun recipe is one the kids might roll their eyes at (they've had their fair share of Ottolenghi chicken and skewers in Provence) but they still love to make … keep reading

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Duff Goldman teaches Minty and Remy how to decorate cakes

Duff’s Cake Decorating Tips

Minty and Rémy called in on the Ace of Cakes himself, cake decorating superstar, Duff Goldman at his store Cakemix for a few expert tips on how to decorate the perfect … keep reading

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Girl & Grill


Grilling with All-Star Chef David LeFevre

David LeFevre came over to my house to grill lamb belly in my fab DCS outdoor kitchen. This is the dish he grilled at All-Star Chef Classic, Grill and Chill and as we … keep reading

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Kids Cook


Gourmet Guinea Salad

They say you should never work with animals or children and the other week the kids took over the video shoot and before I knew it we were cooking up salads for their … keep reading

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A Thousand Things

braided bread inspired by the Great British Bake Off

Bread Braiding Made Easy

Ever wondered how to braid bread? We had it down on our to-do list of a Thousand Things - not the easiest of challenges - but then again it wasn't too difficult once we … [Read More...]

Made in America


Grilling with Curtis Stone…

Grilled cheese cooked outside on the grill seems so obvious and I thank my friend, Curtis, for introducing me to it with his Outdoor Grilled Grilled Cheese Sandwich with … keep reading

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Made in America - Chef Fest Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii