Go Fish LA – The Menu So Far

Chefs At Sea for Japan Relief
June 5th 2011 6am – boat departs at 6.30am
Monte Carlo, 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro CA
To buy tickets – https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/179049

Purchase a one day fishing license  online  go to Department of Fish and Game click on the green online sales button on the right hand side.

Michael Cimarusti fishing trip past

Michael Cimarusti, Providence
Michael Cimarusti is an avid angler.

When I first went fishing with him and asked him what gourmet snack he was bringing to share he replied: “Chocolate chip cookies.”

Was this a joke? I wondered. Would this 2 star Michelin chef show up with a bag of Chips Ahoy?

Obviously he didn’t – the tray of chocolate chip cookies were the best I’ve ever tasted. Thick chunks of chocolate with a hint of sea salt in giant cookies. I recently became obsessed with tracking down the recipe from pastry chef Adrian Vasquez who had moved to Boston for my book Made in America. Sadly Vasquez never responded.  I wrote in an email to Cimarusti: “What is it about those cookies that is so good and has me chasing him across America!?!”

He replied: “Salt, Love, and Vahlrona”

For this trip what is Cimarusti bringing? You guessed it — Salt Love and Vahlrona Cookies.

Alain Giraud, Maison Giraud
I am a big fan of Alain Giraud and have spent many a pleasurable time with him at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market seeking out the best of what’s in season. For this trip he has promised the freshest farmers’ market fruit – cherries and strawberries. We’ve had many discussions about what makes the perfect dessert and always come back to a simple piece of fruit that is at the peak of ripeness – juicy and flavorful – there’s not a lot that beats this. Let’s hope that for this trip Alain keeps away from any Scorpion fish spines – on the last trip he was stung when he was helping another fisherman untangle a line – as they say en Françias, “aucune bonne action ne reste impunie!”

Brian Moyers, BLT Steak
Another veteran of fishing trips past, Brian Moyers is thinking about bringing watermelon gazpacho with grilled calamari. He then followed up with this mouth watering addition: a great steak tartare with potato gaufrettes. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore gaufrettes – so this may be one that I will have trouble sharing!

Josiah Citrin and David Lefevre with truffle treats

Dave Dahni –  Grilled Cheese Truck
The big cheese, Dave Dahni, from the Grilled Cheese Trick is another friend who likes to fish almost as much as he likes to feed people. On previous trips he has cooked up his famous cheesy mac and rib and long before the trucks hit the street it was on the boat that the idea was had to jump on the bandwagon of the truck craze – this trip he’s thinking something new – perhaps a classic tuna melt for the fishy thang or there’s even been mention of a fried chicken and waffle melt – although I fear this will be nixed because of the danger of a fryer on the high seas.

Jason Nediercorn – Cheezeball Wagon
This new kid on the block of LA’s Street Food Trucks is bringing two crowd pleasers – the Chaz’s Dog- kobe beef hot dog, applewood smoked bacon and onion relish, truck-made aioli and cheddar cheese – um YUM! and Cheesecake Cuties, cheesecake balls rolled in a toasted graham cracker crust and served on a stick with blueberry sauce – Double YUM!

Dolores Munoz, Soho House
A little bird told me that pastry chef Dolores Munoz from Soho House is bringing sweet treats, hopefully her coconut macaroons.

Lucy Lean making cocktails in the galley

Matthew Biancaniello, Library Bar
Matthew Biancaniello was a total star at the ‘bar’ on our last trip – his seafaring cocktails are legendary. He arrived with half the farmers’ market and proceeded to make some of the most flavorful cocktails I’ve ever had – somehow the alcohol part was secondary to the juices, fruit and herbs in each creation. For this trip he has promised to mix up something special to be added to fizz for an early morning breakfast belini – I can’t wait for this one.

Boys from The Bazaar prep Iberico ham on tomato toast

Andrea Cavaliere, Cecconi’s
The Italian contingent was in full force on previous trips, the Truffle Brothers, Domenico DiBartolomeo of Domenico’s Artisanal Foods and the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, Marino and Andrea from Cecconi’s and they will all be there for this trip with Andrea Cavaliere, who last time put truffles from the Truffle Brothers into a slider – paired with a glass of prosecco from Marino we could have been fishing off the coast of Sardinia! Andrea has yet to confirm what he’s bringing but whatever it is you know it’ll be good.

Cecconi's Truffle Sliders

This is the first of several updates about the food so be sure to check back to see who else is coming and what delicious delights they will be bringing.

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Monte Carlo, 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro CA

You bring: A rod and a fishing license (both available to hire/buy at the dock), sunscreen, and a smile! As well as the treats the Chefs are bringing aboard there are drinks (including beer) and food sold on the boat. All ticket sales are non-refundable. *Final chef list to be confirmed. No bananas allowed on board – Chef Cimarusti says it’s bad luck.

To buy tickets – https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/179049


  1. I am pretty sure, Eli and I are in! Need to work out the details and get me some really strong dramamine! xx

  2. Now this is some kind of extraordinary fishing trip. So wish I could make it. I think all of those distractions would even help me ignore my intolerance of boats ;)

  3. God help the sea sick foodie. What a beautiful spread! I’ve never seen such gorgeous stuff coming out of a boat’s galley. Dramamine, my friends! Dramamine!

    • Luckily we’ve never had a sea-sick foodie – but like you say Dramamine would be the key to a happy delicious time at sea